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Anupam Mittal Net Worth in 2023?

Want to know Anupam Mittal’s Net Worth (2023)?

Anupam Mittal is an Indian entrepreneur and angel investor. He is the founder and CEO of People Group. He is also a judge on the business reality TV series ‘Shark Tank India‘.

Anupam Mittal’s Net Worth

In FY23, Anupam Mittal’s net worth is estimated at $23 million (Rs 185 crore). Here are quick facts about Anupam Mittal.

Full NameAnupam Mittal
Net Worth$23 million (Rs185 crore)
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Investor
FounderPeople Group (Shaadi.com, Makaan.com and Moj Mobile)
Date of Birth23 December 1971
Birth PlaceMumbai, Maharashtra
AwardsKarmaveer Puraskaar
ShowsJudge at Shark Tank India
EducationBoston College

Anupam Mittal Short Biography

Here is the short biography of Anupam Mittal.

Early Life and Education of Anupam Mittal

Anupam Mittal was born on 23 December 1971 in a Marwari family in Mumbai. His father’s name is Gopal Krishna Mittal and his mother’s name is Bhagwati Devi Gopal Krishna Mittal.

Anupam did his early studies in India and after graduation in the 90s, Anupam shifted to the United States where he did his MBA in Operations in Strategic Management from Boston University.

Entrepreneurial journey of Anupam Mittal

After doing MBA, he worked as a product manager in a company named Micro Strategy. At that time there was an internet boom in the United States and everyone wanted to find some online solution to people’s problems. During this time Anupam used to visit India after one or two years.

At this time, matchmakers used to send marriage proposals to him, and in such a situation, Anupam was very upset with these matchmakers. Then Anupam got the idea that why not create a portal in which the information known to the matchmakers should be put in advance, which can help people in matchmaking.

And with this thought, he started sagaai.com in 1997 just for the sake of experiment. Anupam’s focus remained on his job only. In the year 2000, when the dot.com bubble burst, many businesses in the United States suffered losses, as well as many people lost their jobs.

The company in which Anupam used to work also suffered a lot and it was only a matter of time before he too lost his job. And this was the time when Anupam Mittal thought why not convert his experiment into a business, then he quit his job and started focusing fully on his matrimonial site in India.

He also changed the name of sagaai.com to shaadi.com. In a few years, his business became very successful and from here he never looked back.

In 2004, Anupam started People Group with the main objective of working in the internet and mobile space.

Anupam also started makaan.com which is a property-related company that bridges the gap between buyer and seller. After TikTok got banned he also started the Moj app which is quite popular among the people.

Top 5 Motivational Anupam Mittal Quotes

“The only difference between successful and unsuccessful people is perseverance.”

~Anupam Mittal

“You have to bet big to win big.”

~Anupam Mittal

“Life is never straight. The line of life is sometimes forward, sometimes backward, sometimes up, and sometimes down. You have to persevere in your work.”

~Anupam Mittal

“Be the human first then an Entrepreneur”

~Anupam Mittal

“It is very important to have a purpose in your life. Without a purpose, a person cannot work for long.”

~Anupam Mittal

6 Anupam Mittal Quotes For Success

“Independent thinking is critical.”

~Anupam Mittal

“You must understand the rules before breaking the rules.”

~Anupam Mittal

“It takes 10, 15, or 20 years to reach the peak of success.”

~Anupam Mittal

“Build faith in yourself because without faith a man cannot walk even 10 steps.”

~Anupam Mittal

“When you treat your struggle as a game, it will become fun for you. If you get wrapped up in yourself, you become unhappy.”

~Anupam Mittal

“Building a business is a struggle like life.”

~Anupam Mittal

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Anupam Mittal’s net worth in 2023?

Anupam Mittal’s net worth in 2023 is estimated at $23 million, which is approx 185 crores in Indian Rupee.

Who is the Founder of Shaadi.com?

Anupam Mittal is the Founder of Shaadi.com which is India’s largest online matrimonial portal which he started in 1997.

Is Anupam Mittal a Billionaire?

No, Anupam Mittal is not a billionaire.

What brands does Anupam Mittal own?

Anupam Mittal has invested in 200+ tech and brand startups – Interactive Avenues, OLA, Druva, Sapience, Truebill, Zapstitch, Animall, Rapido, Agnikul, Rupeek, FarEye and many more.

Is Anupam Mittal a Millionaire?

Yes, Anupam Mittal is a millionaire with a net worth of more than $20 million.


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