15 Best Productivity Websites for students [Free]

Are you looking for the best productivity websites?

If yes then you are at the right place. If you are a college/school student or a freelancer the one thing you do is network with people, schedule meetings but you might get distracted, or involved in useless activities.

But what if I tell you there are many online productivity websites that help you to organize your work and make you productive throughout the day.

So I have shared the 15 best productivity websites list with you. Amazing thing is that all these websites are free.

Let’s go through these productivity tools/websites.

Table of Contents

Best productivity websites for students

1. PDF Drive

Source – PDF Drive

It is the best website that I have ever used to download e-books, articles, and magazines for FREE.

PDF Drive is a PDF search engine that is completely free of cost. If you are a student or a working professional you must have to check this website for downloading PDF files on –

  • Science & Technology
  • Politics & Law
  • Business
  • Self Growth
  • Health & Fitness
  • Academic & Education
  • Spirituality

and many more topics.

2. Deepstash

Source –Deepstash

Deepstash is a website where you can find deep-level content from various authors, entrepreneurs, or any person who is learning something.

You can also your ideas on this website. This website will help you find new ideas which you can apply in your practical life.

3. Canva

Source – Canva

Being a student or a freelancer you have your client projects/assignments to do. Without having any deep knowledge in designing you can create great designs with the help of Canva.

Canva comes with a bunch of templates and has an easy interface.

It is a must-have tool for students or any professional.

4. Grammarly

Source – Grammarly

Grammarly is useful for people who are trying to write professional emails, research papers or communicate with others.

This tool suggests words that are more adequate for that particular paragraph or sentence you’re trying to write and have many more amazing features.

5. Wolfram Alpha

Source – Wolfram Alpha

Most students hate Mathematics but what if I tell you that after using this website you will fall in love with mathematics.

Wolfram Alpha is a powerful problem-solving website ranging from subjects geography, history, finance, food & nutrition to mathematics.

Students mostly use this website to solve their math doubts, you just have to type the entire math equation and can get the step-by-step detailed answer.

6. LightShot

Source – Lightshot

Previously to take screenshots(full screen) on windows or Mac systems you use specific shortcut keys or native applications but with the help of Lightshot, you can take a screenshot of a specific region and can share it easily.

7. Ratatype

Source – Ratatype

If you want to increase your typing speed or learn 10-finger typing Ratatype is the best platform to use.

On this website, there are courses and tutorials through which you can learn 10-finger typing and can also check your typing speed.

8. W3Schools

Source – W3Schools

Do you want to learn programming as a student?

W3schools helps you to learn various programming languages (like Java, Python, HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.) for free.

If you don’t want to use any other code editor then W3Schools provides you with its own code editor where you can run code and learn to program.

9. Duolingo

Source – Duolingo

Duolingo is a language learning application that helps you to learn words and phrases of other languages. The amazing fact about Duolingo is that it is quite fun to learn and has a ranking system where you can compete with others.

10. Diagram.net

Source – Diagram.net

On diagram.net you can easily create diagrams, flowcharts, etc. There are several templates available on this website, you just have to edit them and save them as an image.

11. Account killer

Source – AccountKiller

Do you want to close the account of any internet application and you don’t know how to do it?

Accountkiller.com is the best place where you get a complete guide on closing the account of any application.

12. Calmsound

Source – Calmsound

On Calmsound you can listen to nature sounds (forest, rain, ocean, relaxing mix) for free to increase your focus while reading a book, preparing a report, sleeping or while doing any other work.

13. Google Scholar

Source – Google Scholar

Google Scholar is an academic search engine that is specially designed for people who want to write essays, prepare research papers, etc. In short, this search engine helps you find accurate facts and detailed information on a subject.

14. Notion

Source – Notion

Notion is generally used by organizations for project management. But students can use Notion for noting making, goal tracking, writing summaries of books, etc.

15. AlphaText

Source – Chrome web store

AlphaText is a chrome extension that increases the readability of any web page.

AlphaText allows you to change the font size, font style, line spacing, and background color of a web page to make the text more readable.


You should definitely check out these free productivity websites to increase your focus and productivity.

Have you used any of these tools/websites already?

Let us know in the comment section.

And after using these websites do share your experience with us.

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