5 Lessons From The Almanack Of Naval Ravikant (Happiness, Wealth & Life)

Welcome everyone to thehackgrowth.com. Friends, in today’s article, I will tell you 5 essential lessons from ‘The Almanack Of Naval Ravikant’, with the help of which you can earn more, make yourself better than before, and live your life in a good way.

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First of all, I would like to tell you a story.

Friends, has this happened to you, the man who sells burgers in your area become rich or has opened his own outlets?

If not then let me tell you a story of mine. There was a burger guy in my area who made great burgers and people used to come from far to eat his burgers. Then he started increasing the price of his burgers first $2-$5 and now $7 so many people stopped buying burgers from him. Because friends look, a burger is such a thing that you will get it anywhere cheaply and in good quality.

Now in such a situation, the shopkeeper started giving fries and soft drinks with the burger and kept the price of the burger at $13. Now I was their old customer so I understood that this is a marketing strategy but the rest of the people only saw FREE fries and soft drinks with burgers.

Friends, you will not believe that earlier only people from the nearby locality used to come to his shop, now people started coming in big vehicles and suddenly his customer size became so big that he was not worried about the cost.

Then gradually he kept some workers with him to work. And just a few days ago when I went to meet him, he told me that he has opened four more shops in three different areas and his shop is also affiliated with online food delivery companies.

Earlier where he was earning money by working for 8 hours, but now he has made a lot of wealth. I got thinking that the person who used to wear simple clothes and run a normal burger shop on the street, now how did he make such good wealth by just working for 5-6 years.

Friends, this happened because he adopted some basic principles of money and kept working on his skills.

Even though he is an uneducated burger seller, he united his ideas and created considerable wealth for himself.

I hope you guys got to learn a lot from this story. Friends, everyone wants to become rich, you & me both. But it doesn’t happen in reality, because only a few people are rich in life and they have a lot of wealth.

Because we often consider having a big car, or a big house as being rich, but it is not so at all, instead of becoming rich, you have to think about creating wealth, only then you will be able to become a successful person.

That’s why I have brought this article for you in which I am going to tell you 5 essential lessons from the book ‘The Almanack Of Naval Ravikant’ written by Eric Jorgenson.

Eric has written this book because he was so inspired by the ideas and thoughts of world-renowned businessman and investor Mr. Naval Ravikant.

Naval Ravikant is called the Clearest Thinker of Silicon Valley and is the founder of AngelList. Naval Ravikant has always inspired the whole world with his books, podcast, and tweets, that’s why before telling you these 5 lessons, I would like to share the biography of such a great entrepreneur.

Naval Ravikant was born in 1974 in Delhi. Being a single parent, her mother helped them as much as she could and for the better education of her children, she shifted to Queens, New York in 1983 with her two children.

But when they shifted to New York, they faced a lot of problems. Naval says that he used to live in an area of New York where theft and criminal activity were normal. But his mother never compromised on one thing, and that was his education.

Naval was very shy from the beginning and that’s why he used to spend his time in the library after coming from school and used to study in the library till the library was closed. Naval tells that he used to read the thoughts and Ideas of the greatest people of the last century in the library.

Being an immigrant, he and his family were facing a lot of problems, so, at the age of 15, Naval started selling Indian food in the US and started working part-time in a cafeteria. Naval only focused on his education and due to this he got admission to a very good school in New York and this was the turning point of his life.

After this, he got admission to Ivy College where he did his major in tech background and founded many companies. And then he started his famous company AngelList and was awarded the Angel Investor of the Year at the age of 43.

And not only this but Naval Ravikant is still on an unstoppable journey where he is transforming the lives of millions of people through his ideas, thoughts, and books. And his Twitter handle is a living example of this on which more than 2 million people follow him.

Now let us now know the 5 essential lessons given by the world’s clearest thinker.

5 Lessons From The Almanack Of Naval Ravikant

1. Learn High-Value Skills

Naval Ravikant says that “earning money is not work but it is a skill that you learn“. When you have mastered a skill, you can build everything up again even after losing everything.

Naval Ravikant says if all his wealth is taken from him and he is left alone on the street, he will build his wealth again in 5 to 10 years and that’s because he has given enough time to improve his skills.

Now you must be wondering which skills come in the category of high-income skills. There are three important skills in this, first is to build something, second is the art of selling and third is investing skills. If you learn to make as well as to sell a product, then no one can stop you from being successful.

2. Focus on Financial Freedom

Naval believes that if you do not have a successful business, you can never be financially free. You should invest money in a successful business or start a side business only then you will become rich.

3. Witness the Magic of the Compounding

Naval says that you should always play long-term games because all the big returns in life come from compound interest and compounding needs time to show its magic.

Instead of wasting money on a casino app, you should learn those skills which will benefit you in the long term. You will not get to see its result immediately but after 15 years from today, you will appreciate your decision.

4. Happiness is a SKILL

Naval says that you should not take yourself too seriously.

Happiness is a skill that is formed from your daily habit. If your habits are bad then you will be unhappy in the long term but if you are working on yourself and not comparing yourself with others then you will always be happy.

Friends, this thing of Naval Ravikant is absolutely true. We often think that only a big car or a big house will give us happiness but it is not so at all.

Happiness is a choice that we make every day.

5. There is no shortcut to becoming a clear thinker

Friends, there is a very famous line, perhaps you must have heard that “clear thinkers do not waste time to save money, but spend money to save time.”

Naval explains in his book that there is a difference between being smart and being a clear thinker.

Smart people want to do all the work themselves whereas clear thinkers make money by leveraging the ideas and skills of smart people.

Clear thinkers always leverage the skills of people more intelligent than them. They get the work done by paying more skilled people than themselves so that they can save time and get better results.

Clear thinkers believe in investing their money and earning money from their judgment skills and your judgment skills will improve only when you learn to think like a contrarian optimist. A Contrarian Optimist tries to make things better when people around him say he can’t, he works against everyone.

15 Best Motivational Naval Ravikant Quotes And Sayings

“No one is going to value you more than you value yourself.”

Naval Ravikant
15 Best Motivational Naval Ravikant Quotes And Sayings

“It takes time to develop your gut, but once it’s developed, don’t listen to anything else.”

Naval Ravikant

“You can’t think your way to enlightenment. But you can think your way out of everything (else).”

Naval Ravikant

“Meditation is a good way to measure where you are.”

Naval Ravikant

“You can have the mind or you can have the moment”

Naval Ravikant

“To measure the quality of your life, simply do nothing, and see how it feels.”

Naval Ravikant
15 Best Motivational Naval Ravikant Quotes And Sayings

“When the reader is ready, the book appears.”

Naval Ravikant

“Clear thinkers appeal to their own authority.”

Naval Ravikant

“It’s not thinking that hurts, it’s thinking about yourself that hurts.”

Naval Ravikant

“Being born human is an ‘unfair’ advantage.”

Naval Ravikant
15 Best Motivational Naval Ravikant Quotes And Sayings

“If anyone gives you multiple reasons for why they don’t want to do something, it’s usually the last one.”

Naval Ravikant

“Your success in life depends on your ability to make good decisions. Your happiness depends on your ability to not care about the outcomes.”

Naval Ravikant

“Truth is that which has predictive power.”

Naval Ravikant

“Watch every thought. Always ask, why am I having this thought?”

Naval Ravikant
15 Best Motivational Naval Ravikant Quotes And Sayings

“You’re never going to get rich renting out your time.”

Naval Ravikant

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Final Thoughts

Friends, there is a lot of difference between being truly rich and truly wealthy. And this thing has been shown in a very good way in the book ‘The Almanack Of Naval Ravikant’.

I want you to read these thoughts of Naval Ravikant carefully and apply these lessons in your life so that you can create wealth and live a good life.

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Thank you for reading this article. I hope you all have a nice day.

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