MS Dhoni’s Investment Fuels Growth for Bengaluru’s Fitness Startup ‘Tagda Raho’

Former Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is not only a legendary cricketer but also a great investor. He believes in taking the Indian startup ecosystem forward. That is why he has invested in new emerging startups like Garuda Aerospace, Rigi, and HomeLane. And this time to promote fitness and wellness, he has invested in Bengaluru-based fitness startup, Tagda Raho. However, the company has not disclosed the investment amount made by Dhoni.

Tagda Raho was started in the year 2020 by Rishabh Malhotra. Tagda Raho is a fitness program that promotes fitness by combining traditional equipment and modern techniques. You can buy traditional equipment like Gada, Mudgars, Vajra and Sumtola, etc. on their official website

The first training center of Tagda Raho is in Bengaluru which is called Dugout. Dugout is a place where the Tagda Raho fitness program is conducted and various games and exercises are conducted with the help of traditional equipment but with modern techniques.

In December 2023, this startup is preparing to open its first dugout in Maharashtra, and, next year company is ready to expand its business to 4-5 states.

Tagda Raho’s training programs and traditional equipment are being used by professional teams and renowned institutions like Lucknow Supergiants, National Cricket Academy, and Haryana Steelers.

Rishabh Malhotra said, “Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a role model for the entire country, and I am very happy that M.S. Dhoni has backed Tagda Raho.”

MS Dhoni said on the investment in Tagda Raho – “I believe in investing in homegrown startups and brands so that I can help them grow from a grassroot level. I am very happy that I invested in the Tagda Raho. Because this brand is re-inventing India’s workout culture through traditional equipment and methods. I am very excited to be a part of this brand. The team of Tagda Raho and I will try our best to make fitness and physical wellness reach every corner of the country.”


M.S. Dhoni’s investment in Tagda Raho is not only his business strategy but also his commitment to promoting health and fitness all across the country. This collaboration between legendary cricketer and innovative fitness startup Taga Raho is poised to elevate the accessibility and relevance of fitness solutions in India.


Who is the founder of Tagda Raho?

Rishabh Malhotra is the founder of Tagda Raho.

How much money has MS Dhoni invested in Tagda Raho?

The Founder has not disclosed the investment amount made by Dhoni.

What is Tagda Raho?

Tagda Raho is a Bengaluru-based fitness startup that promotes fitness by combining traditional equipment and modern techniques.

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