World Rivers Day 2023: Slogans, Images Quotes & Wishes

World Rivers Day is celebrated every year on the fourth Sunday of September to increase awareness of river conservation among the people.

Here is the best World Rivers Day Slogans, Images, Quotes & Wishes collection.

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World Rivers Day Quotes

“A river seems like a magical thing. A magic, moving, living part of the very earth itself.”

Laura Gilpin

“The beautiful occasion of World Rivers Day will come every year to remind us that we must save our rivers because they give us life.”

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”


“Rivers are roads that move and carry us whither we wish to go.”

Blaise Pascal

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”


“You drown not by falling into a river, but by staying submerged in it.”

Paulo Coelho

“The smallest of the gestures to save rivers can bring about a big change….. Let us save the beautiful rivers for a beautiful tomorrow!!!”

“River is pure magic…. It has the power to give life, the power to nurture, and the power to help everyone flourish…. Happy World Rivers Day.”

“River is like a treasure given to us by God…. We must work together to protect this treasure which is the reason for our existence.”

Save River Slogans

  • “A step to save rivers today can save our tomorrow.”
  • “Save river to save mankind, to save life.”
  • “Rivers inspire us and we must save them.”
  • “Rivers are the lifelines for us, save them!!!”
  • “Saving rivers is the most important thing to do.”

World Rivers Day Images

World Rivers Day 2023: Slogans, Images Quotes & Wishes

World Rivers Day 2023: Slogans, Images Quotes & Wishes

World Rivers Day 2023: Slogans, Images Quotes & Wishes

World Rivers Day Wishes & Greetings

  • “Rivers are the lifelines for all of us as they give us life, they give us a reason to live and they must be protected…. Wishing you a very Happy World Rivers Day.”
  • “Even the whole of the ocean cannot do which one river can…. Rivers need to be saved and protected for a better life…. Happy World Rivers Day.”
  • “The occasion of World Rivers Day is a reminder that the onus of saving rivers lies on us and we must fulfill our responsibility…. Happy World Rivers Day.”
  • “God created rivers to give humans life and they are to be saved, they are to be looked after…. Warm wishes on World Rivers Day.”

Poems on River Conservation

1. I walked through the forest one day

And came across a sandy bay.

I went a little further hoping to see

A strong, swift river flowing free.

My impatient eyes fell here and there,

But they found nothing, to my despair.

After hopelessly wandering for hours,

I realized that the mistake was ours.

The only trickle of water I could see

was the tear that was rolling down my cheek.

I couldn’t stand the guilt anymore.

I needed to bring the rivers back once more

I could already imagine the suffering animals,

No more jolly festivities or carnivals.

All because we became greedy and selfish,

Our pride expanded like a puffer fish.

Unfortunately, the past is unchangeable.

Now, we have to make the best possible.

We have to save the rivers that keep us alive.

Together, we must help the veins of the forest survive.

Let us all unite through the campaign.

We must do all we can in shine or rain.

Plant lots of trees and increase the greenery

And soon, you’ll see magnificent blue scenery.

By Srividya prasad

Here used to flow,
A zigzag swift-moving river,
Playing with stones,
It used to create waves in our minds,
Small fish used to play,
Hide and seek,
Now this has been bounded,
Within dams,
This has become stagnant,
Everyone is polluting it,
Save rivers,
Save our lives

By dr. ram sharma


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